Start up, expansion, corporate, STRATEGY is my passion. I am a digital and social media strategist. With over 15 Years of Management, 10 in Marketing, 5 Companies, 24 Employees, I've definitely specialized in it all. 

Learn how to build, run, grow, monetize, sustain & love what you do!

If you love what you do you NEVER HAVE TO WORK A DAY IN YOUR LIFE!

I work intensely with you to teach you everything from the BASICS to the TIPS and STRATEGY to excel in the following topics and categories. We go at your pace, on your timeline and, once completed, you will be set up to manage your own brand or business the 2017/2018 way!

Each topic, from beginning to end, takes between 2 to 4 hours to thoroughly complete if it is brand new to you and comes with a certificate of completion, aftermath support, a team of specialists and genuine care. Take a look at the steps and book me if you're ready to get started!

Let me set you up for success the right way and help you invest in yourslef!


Choose the topics that you'd like to excel in. We can cover them all or specialize in a handful.

BASICS: Digital Business Goals

  • Past, Present & Future

  • Current business lifestyle vs. next year’s business lifestyle

  • Who will you be known as in 1 year?

  • Brand Basics: SWOT Analysis, Language, Audience

  • Your Plan: Suggested online procedures & pr that you will do


INSTAGRAM: Reach & Reinforcement

  • Setting it up/Using it

  • Content Creation

  • Tagging, Stories, Reach, Local, Hashtags

  • Call to Actions... MORE...



LINKED IN: Professional Looks Good On You

  • The Professional Network

  • Your Links and how to improve

  • Creating and sharing the right content

  • Profile & Data Input

 ETSY: Applicable for Products Only

  • Starting your shop/Creation

  • Listings

  • Sales/Campaigns

  • Monetization and Targets


​ ONLINE LOOK: www.Welcome!

  • Fine Tuning Business Plan/Creating

  • Evaluating Website

  • Creating your Social Copy

  • Crossing your t’s and dotting your i’s online

EVENTS: Graduation and Soft Launch

  • Re-launch Party Digital or Pop Up Live

  • #helloworld & Event

  • Contests / Campaigns

  • Being Out There

FACEBOOK:  To Compile your Customers

  • Business Page - from setting it up to everything

  • Using your Personal Page for Networking & Business

  • Online "Events"

  • Your new schedule - consistency/content

  • Setting it up on devices...

  • MORE...


PINTEREST: The Secret Treasure Chest

  • Building Boards / Visually Appealing 

  • Using Pinterest as a Sales Platform

  • What to Pin/What to hide

  • Sharing & Building your own boards


 ​ BLOG/VLOG: The New Black

  • Creation/Layout/Platform

  • Plan and Topics

  • Sponsors/Collaborations

  • Monetization



TEAM: Assessment and Improvement

  • Operations, Wearing Different Hats, Recruiting

  • Individual Job Descriptions for you and (eventually) them

  • Accounting, Production, Admin, Sales

  • Graphics, Web, Photography, Blogging


PR: Center of Attention & Industry Leader

  • How to be the PR Princess or Prince

  • Put yourself out there at Local Events and Online

  • New business friends and connections

  • Exchange of services and sponsorship



ORGANIZED: Get Be Efficient & Effective

  • Professional E-mails, PMs, Social Messages

  • Excel and Word Basics

  • Organization & Planners

  • Efficiency & Effectiveness


EXTRA LOVE: Big Brother & Big Sister

  • Holding Hands in the Aftermath

  • Daily Strategy and Reinforcing 

  • Re-Leading and Re-Coaching as you go

  • Revisiting anything and everything...

PHOTOGRAPHY: The Basics & How to Capture your Own

  • Smartphones & Devices

  • Filters/Cropping

  • Videos and Quick Posts

  • Lighting/Times/Techniques/MORE...



  • Hourly - $75

  • Bank of 15 Hours: $65/Hour 

  • Bank of 30 Hours: $55/Hour

  • EXTRA LOVE Package: $40/Hour



Packages to be paid in FULL after first session. Cancellation must be 24 hours in advance otherwise a $30 fee will be applied. Two Years to use your hours. Hours can be shared with a friend, family or partner​ - up to 2 others. Coaching is a one-on-one and is an additional $20/hour for an employee under the same brand.