5 Ways To Budget!

February 15, 2020

In this day and age it is VERY difficult to save money, especially if we are out here on our own! But we have to make sacrifices. Cut your cable that costs you 70-80$ and sign up for Netflix or something similar! Don’t let the term “YOLO” get to you all the time, ESPECIALLY when it comes to money. Here are some things that might help you.



  1. Write things down. Take the time to write down all your responsibilities for the month approaching.

  2. Round UP. If your bills are always the same price that is great. BUT if they are not, always round up. For example, If you feel your cellphone bill might be 100$ but aren’t too sure, round UP to 150$ for your budget! In the end if it is 150$ you will have that money and if it is less than that, than GREAT you have extra money left over!

  3. The pay subtractions. With every pay you get ,you should transfer a good amount of money into another account. If you want to pay your rent that is 600$ and you get paid Bi-Weekly, put 300$ of each pay aside. Once the first of the month arrives, sign that check proudly and hand it to your landlord!    


    4. Do you really need it? Always ask yourself if you need the product you are about to buy. Yes this is part of budgeting! Ask yourself if you really need that new perfume. Chances are you have 20 different perfumes at home just sitting there and all you want to do is spend money the same way your stomach is “hungry” only because you’re bored.


     5. Challenge yourself! We always challenge ourselves secretly. Everybody does it! It shouldn’t even be a secret! Challenge yourself to no eating out for a month! Your bank account and body WILL thank you.

There are so many different ways of budgeting! Find what suits you, and stick to it girly!

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