The Beginning

January 24, 2020

Hi World!


I'm so so so happy to be here! If we're already friends, I'm so excited that you' re here! If not, I can't wait to get to know you!!


I feel like the luckiest girl alive. Why?... Well, today is my birthday but I've also decided to relaunch and restart my blog!! New beginnings and new journeys are important. I've decided to gift myself a new blog instead of jotting down a few gift ideas to give to questioning friends and family! Why?!  Well, because today I am completely fulfilled. It's been a while that I've come to realize that I'd rather enjoy experiences than things... but this year was definitely the icing on top of the cake for me.





I have everything I could ever want. Birthdays are the day where you're supposed to be completely spoiled and happy and surrounded by friends and family... I have come to learn and realize that this is my every single day. Over this last year of life I have without even realizing it eliminated those who didn't bring me happiness or those who sort of snuck in for the wrong reasons... friends and even coworkers unfortinately. Over this last year however I have reinforced old relationships, focused on family, and have made new best friends that I know will last a lifetime. I am surrounded by real and good relationships and I'm ever so grateful.


I am also grateful about the fact that I am living my career dream. I literally get to make my own schedule, do what I want to do every single day. Who gets to say that? I am ever so grateful and so happy for everything that has happened in this last year of life and I'm so looking forward to everything to come in this next year.


If you don't know me, I own a few companies, am a strategist & am slowly taking over the world. We will get to all of that another time. I am Canadian and adore my Montreal, more specifically West-Island, life! I've also come to learn that the most important part of anything is the JOURNEY and not the destination! Keep this in the back of your mind.


I am absolutely grateful for everything that has happened since my last birthday up until this one and I can't even imagine what will be in store throughout this next year. I hope you guys will follow along as I am so excited to include you on my journey! I want to get to know you even better and I can't wait to be friends!


With Love,


Samantha xoxo






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