February 13, 2020


How to be confident with your dreams and ideas, because you shouldn't have to wait for all the perfect pieces to come together before getting started!

We are all guilty of waiting for everything to be perfect before getting started on a new project or idea. Doing that means we would definitely be waiting  forever

1. Set realistic goals - Start small and build yourself up from there. Tackling a large task right away can become discouraging. Setting realistic goals will help you believe in yourself and your ability to accomplish the tasks towards your goal.  Lay the foundation for your future, and the confidence will follow. 

2. Reflect at the end of each day - Self reflection is important for self improvement. Look back at the day and see where you could possibly improve. 

3. Focus on the positive - Psychologists have found that we usually focus on negative aspects of ourselves while ignoring the positive ones. There is always something to learn from any experience, whether desirable or not! 


4. Think of past success - Are you feeling down about a current situation? Use your past to motivate you again! Remember all the hard work and struggles you may have endured in the past, and how it's all worth it in the end! Nothing will ever come easy, but reflecting on your past success will always give you a much needed boost of motivation! 


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