February 5, 2020

Valentine's Day is soon approaching - whether you are spending the day with a loved one, friends or alone, it's always good to show some love! Here are my top 10 ways to spend Valentine's Day :


1. Love Yourself - Recognize the reasons why you love yourself! What are you proud of?

2. Cook a Gourmet Meal - Restaurants are always so noisy and busy during Valentine's Day! Why not plan a romantic and intimate dinner at home? Try a new recipe, splurge on ingredients and enjoy!

3. Light Candles - Igniting candles are always romantic, why not fill your room with a signature Valentine's Day scent

4. Run a Bath - Run a warm bath, add some bubbles or a bath bomb and just relax! Add rose petals for extra Valentine's love!

5. Fresh Flowers - A beautiful bouquet of flowers smell delicious and always brighten up a room! 

6. A Second First Date - Experience the moment where it all started! Order the same foods, request the same songs, and wait until the end of the night for that first kiss! 

7. Eat Chocolate - Indulge in your sweet tooth and eat some Valentine's Day chocolates! 

8. Write a Love Note - Tell your loved ones why you love them! Pour your heart out. 

9. Watch a Romantic Movie - We all love a chick flick or romantic comedy! Enjoy the night in cuddling under a warm blanket! 

10. Learn About "Love" From Another Culture - Every culture in the world celebrates Valentine's Day a little differently. In Japan, women give men chocolates on February 14th. Try mixing a couple of fun new traditions into your own date night. 

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