January 26, 2020

Dear Diary,


I am seriously over the moon with excitement for 2020 and know it's going to be a life changing one! 


I woke up this morning feeling a ton of different emotions. Being self-employed is such an incredible dream and I am so excited for everything that is yet to come. On that note, running 1 company is so incredible... let alone 4! I can actually say that I feel as though the last few months have been a total blur!! Seriously. I feel like I have been on "go, go, go" mode and haven't really been able to put myself first - YIKES! The Holiday season is my favourite time of all and I feel like it went by way too quickly! I've decided that I am going to be gifting myself the best gift of all this year. Time! Time with my Family, time with my Sisters, time with my Friends, time for FUN and LOVE - especially with my closest and oldest! 


I learned a lot of lessons in 2018... enough to write a book... oh, and I will write a big one! Here are 4 of the ways that I will be putting my happiness (and health - physical, mental and emotional) first as of TODAY. 


1) Quality over Quantity - this should be followed with "enough said", but unfortunately this isn't always evident... and this was extremely true for me too! Sporadic decisions are not always a good idea. Take the time to think before doing. You only get 1 chance to make a first impression.


2) Do not hire FRIENDS or FAMILY! Holy moly. I’ve had the privilege of including friends and family into my daily work life and get super excited when they can benefit from some awesome perks - free memberships, free services, free food, free products, free trips!!!... YES please!! It makes me so happy to be able to include those who are close to me to benefit from what I've built! On that note, it gets tricky at a certain point. How to differentiate friendship time and business time. DO NOT do it. End of story. When you are working you need to maintain your image/vibe/professionalism. Am I seriously going to tell my friends how to act and how to be just to maintain an image? Friends are for down time. Keep it that way. (There are always exceptions to this and my exception is my sister Tracey - you'll be meeting her soon!)


3) FOCUS - Entrepreneurs are naturally creative and full of ideas. Natural leaders are also attracted to their own kind and that is how Girl boss relationships are formed! It's natural for motivated individuals to become attracted to each other and it’s not unusual to spark creative thoughts when together... especially plotting away after that bottle of wine and coming up with new ideas. Sometimes those new ideas don’t look completely silly the next day and a new enterprise is born. Sometimes it's just fun talk and reality kicks in. Be realistic and focus on 1 thing at a time. Don't put your eggs in too many baskets. 1 Step at a time. 1 Idea at a time. 


3) Learn to Delegate: This was a tough one for me. As my companies grew in 2017 I was forced to hire (and fire). It takes time to find your Unicorns... but when you do, hold onto them and put your time and energy into coaching them. The day that you can step back and give them the reigns is a day that you should reward yourself and be proud. 


4) Say NO... or MAYBE. Don't feel pressured to say yes all the time. Don't commit to something and back out. It is the worst feeling in the world. If it doesn't feel good or if you don't know - say just that. If you don't want to do it. Say no. If you don't know if your schedule will allow it or if you don't know how you will feel after a long work day - say maybe. "No", "maybe", "we will see" are words that you need to incorporate into your self-employed life. Remember, you don't work a 9 to 5 job anymore. Things happen and some things can't wait or take up more of your energy than you could imagine. Remember... those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.


Take your time... and do things right,


With Love Samantha xoxo





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