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Top 5 Winter Favourites

Updated: Jan 11, 2018

Dear Diary,

I have to confess that I’m already missing the Holiday season but I am defiantly loving winter! Week by week the snow keeps growing and I cannot get enough of it. Even though it will soon melt away and summer will make its yearly appearance, I have been inspired to write a top 5 last of the activities I would like to do before it’s all gone. If you live in the West Island then you can join me in creating your own bucket list as well. The winter blues have defiantly skipped over me this season as I’m adoring everything related to the wonderful winter wonderland Mother Nature has provided us. I know what you’re thinking diary… “When will I get to the list of activities” so that you can get started and I will. I just want to give a big Thank You to the amazing place I live in, although most of us dread the insane winter drivers, numerous road closures, and having to clean your car off every morning. Winter can bring communities together both indoors and outdoors because face it, you are either the type of person who lives for playing in the snow or the person who loves a warm hot chocolate in your favorite café. So if you want to create your own winter bucket list, feel free to add some of my favorite activities to your list! Here they are!

1. Ice Skating

2. Snowboarding/ Skiing

3. Hot Chocolate with a friend

4. Tobogganing

5. Escape room with the family

If you have any other ideas of activities to do in the West Island, leave a comment below and maybe it will make it into my top 10!

Xoxo Samantha

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