• Samantha

Happy New Year!

Updated: Jan 10, 2018

The New Year for me means a new chapter to my Girl Boss adventure. The New Year for most of you will bring on new opportunities and new goals to meet, I say what better way than to approach them head on. Moving forward I'm excited to continue building my What's Up platform and continue to provide my audience with insight on what is happening in their community from news to local events and new places to eat, play, and do business. As a Boss heading into the New Year, it is important to set business goals as well as personal goals and create a balance where both can be accomplished without exhausting yourself in the process. My key essential to reaching both my personal and business goals is to be organized, and plan everything! And I mean everything. If your goal is to spend more downtime with yourself, then pencil it in!


Life can bring in new and exciting opportunities at any moment throughout the year but if we remain organized then our goals will not get lost amongst the opportunities. If you, like many others have failed to reach your goals in previous years, perhaps this is your year to change it up. I personally enjoy making weekly mini goals that are realistic to what is going on in my personal and business life, whether it trying a new recipe once a week or meeting with a new business every month. At times committing to a goal that spans over the year, can become overwhelming if they are not adaptable to your current situation. This year my mini goal is to post blogs twice a day! So make sure to follow along as we unfold, what 2018 has to offer!

The New Year is bringing a New Blog! I can finally announce that as of January 10th, 2018 the Bossy blogs are back! I'm excited to bring in new blog writers to add versatility to the Bossy Babe platform. This new blog will provide insight on being a girl boss as well as highlighting local companies that I personally am obsessed with. Unfortunately, life has provided me with so many opportunities that I have lost track of all my earlier projects that can happen to every young woman starting off in the Business industry.

I hope to inspire future bosses with my business knowledge as not only an entrepreneur but also a Girl Boss. I am so passionate about blogging and sharing my insight and experiences that I have gone through and finding other young women with the same passions to come on board and add their input is such an amazing opportunity. I have been blessed with being able to not only re-launch my blog site but also expand my What’s

Up platform to other regions of Canada and even across the globe. We have a new upcoming goodies in store to share with all you bosses and I can’t wait to write all about it. So whether you are looking to get inspired, or in need of a new business to try, this blog is for you! Be sure to follow along and read

my daily diaries! Also a reminder to become a member and g

et the inside scoop on when new posts will be added. I can’t wait to hear from you in the comments below!

Xoxo Samantha