• Samantha


Hi Bosses,

The second week of the New Year is coming to a close and I must admit my life could use a little decluttering. I have noticed that there are a few things that I think, needed to be left in 2017. Which brings me to today’s topic, DECLUTTER!!! I cannot begin to describe how freeing it is for both your soul and your business. Decluttering doesn’t have to necessarily be cleaning up your office space and home but also your social circle or social media account. When I step into the New Year, I try to wipe my life clean of negativity and interior clutter that does not add value to the office/ personal space. An example of decluttering could be throwing away articles of clothing you have not worn in the last year, let’s face facts if you did not wear it in 2017 then there’s a lesser chance you will start wearing it in 2018. Another example is distancing yourself from people who only bring negativity into your soul. Decluttering is always difficult because we have a positive outlook on everything, which can be a blessing and a curse. The best way to approach is to DO IT! And not look back, as soon as we reflect on our decision the quicker we create excuses as to why we need it. Let’s be honest, we didn’t need it in 2017 why would we continue to need it in 2018. I do suggest however to start off small, and ease your way into it! It can become a little overwhelming. As we walk into 2018, make sure to create a clear path to success and always inspire.

Xoxo Samantha