Are you a girl boss, like me, who is just as obsessed with actually enjoying your life and what you do each and every day?! If your mission is to not live life counting down the days to Friday, or to your next vacation, then you're on the right page!!


Let's be friends!! I can finally say that I am unstoppable… unstoppable about living my dreams and doing what I love each and every day. FUN FACT: My day to day is filled with running my companies, working with my incredible teams, attending events, meeting entrepreneurs, saying yes (and no) to surreal opportunities, getting paid to eat at fancy restos, jet setting for press releases - um... and pretty much anything that I decide is fun.


Did it come easy? Not one bit! Was it worth it?! Ridiculously worth it.


I'm so EXCITED!! 

...and can't wait to be friends

With     , Samantha 



Welcome to My Life! For those of you who know me, COME ON IN & ENJOY!! For those who are new, I'm so glad that you're here! 

You can totally say that I’ve lived a typical suburban, fun-filled, life.  I grew up with 2 younger sisters who are still my best friends to this day. Started my first business at the age of 10 - ok, it was a School in my basement for the neighborhood kids, but it still counts. Was a Cheerleader and a Softball player. Started more clubs and organized more events than I can remember. Got A+'s in most of my classes - the classes that I LOVED like math, art and science. For the classes that I didn't love and got bored in (which is, YES, due to the teacher; a.k.a. LEADER - more on that another time), I used those classes to my advantage to plan my next project and to strategize away. I have always felt unstoppable! I have always been driven and so excited about life.


I've always been bossy – in the best way possible, or so I thought. It used to feel bizarre when I wasn't in charge. There were no "50 Shades of Grey" about me. It was either Black or White – of course though, this wasn't always a good thing.  

But why am I telling you about my life?

... because, not too long ago I had to make some big

decisions. I had to look around at my life through clear

colored glasses, and it was far from how I thought it would

turn out to be when I was that 10 year old "school teacher"

in my parents basement. I was working for an incredible 

company. For someone else's company. I was making a

decent income and getting job offers left, right and center

but counting down the days to Friday. My middle sister, and

side kick, moved to Italy permanently. I was surrounded by

pretty negative people all the time - which is what I was

attracting. I had really bad anxiety.. and was just sort of

gliding through life. Um... boring!!

I am blogging to you to clarify one thing:

The best way to predict the future

is to create it!

Seriously though.


If you aren't happy. If you aren't treating yourself "healthily."

If you don't feel "hot" each and every day... what are you are

you waiting for? Why are you wasting your life? Why are you

settling? Not sure if you are aware... but you only get 1

chance at life. 

Live it and Love it!


Samantha xoxo           




When I turned 14 Tracey (my middle sister) and myself REALLY wanted a Trampoline! We begged our parents; "It's not your birthday!" they replied. We really wanted one but were stuck. We decided we'd get one. We'd work hard and buy it ourselves but how?! That evening we walked over to the park with our baby sis Emma-Lee's T-ball game. Our Dad was the coach. We went to hang out with our friends. I remember it so well. The umpire was a "no show" and the scorekeeper was freaking out. I ended up umpiring my first Softball game with Tracey. Jackpot!

That summer, we were both certified professional umpires and were the first 2 females EVER under the age of 16 - and we continued umpiring until we both moved away about a decade later! ...and you guessed itwe bought our trampoline that same week. #sisteract

I loved working for myself, I loved being independent, I loved seeing results from my hard work. Throughout High School I had many MANY jobs - the thing is, I loved them all so I kept them all. It was as though I was almost collecting them. Was it that I didn't know how to say "no" to new opportunities, or the fact that I wasn't being challenged anymore? Upon Ceigep I had 7 jobs. I was an Umpire, a Math tutor, a Shadow, a Kids Party Animator, a Secret Shopper, a Model for Soft Lips (could that be where my Sugar & Spice inspo came from?!)... oh, and took on the Manager job of a slipper kiosk in our local mall during the holiday breaks. I LOVED it!! I loved organizing, managing my team, hiring... It was my passion!

At 17, I started College. I was in honours Science. I loved it. Again, was this my inspiration behind my bath & body company? Learning different formulas?! 

I think so!

I was then recruited.

It was at our local gift shop: Le Panier, it was so popular and loved by everyone, it was the place to be! They were offering me a "big girl" salary and were extremely flexible with my full time school schedule. At first, I was unsure. They were insistent. I accepted. Within 2 weeks I was promoted and managed a team of 7 girls - some who were even older than me. It was such fun!

When I turned 18 I was head hunted.          



A brand new chain of stores was opening in Canada. The owners and District Manager tried to recruit me as the Key Holder of Diva Canada. It was pink and white. I was in Love! It was supposed to be a full-time position. I obviously couldn't take that on with school. I declined. The next day, they came back to me with an immediate pay raise and the approval to take this position on 25 hours a week as I continued full-time classes. #amazing

The Assistant Manager and Store Managers Managers were very nice. Very nice, but kind of lazy. Was it because they were much older than me? No, the entourage on "older" adults in my life were absolutely not like these women. When the store was dead, they would chat… come to think of it, when it was busy, they would too! They would even comment about me coming to “hang out” and chat with them. I remember trying it. I remember 30 seconds into the conversation wanting to re arrange a wall bay, wanting to prep the Closing Procedures, wanting to organize the backstore. I couldn’t just sit around and talk. I felt like I was wasting time. I needed to be busy and productive. I guess they didn’t enjoy working with me and started scheduling me opposite their shifts. They would work together, and I would work the opposite shifts. After a week, the numbers soared. Our store was #1. We had gone from 2nd to last in Canada to #1! Our conversion was through the roof – well on my shifts. I learned how to properly delegate to the part-time employees and it was fun! I loved being apart of a team, actually I loved leading a team and achieving the best results. On my 10th shift I walked into the store, as the District Manager Approached me. “I’ve fired the Store Management and you’ve been promoted.”



I continued leading the store for the next year or so as I pursued school on a part-time basis - I decreased my science classes as I enrolled into some business classes. I was the youngest manager by at least a decade but our store was soaring - we were the TOP of all stores - exceeding our targets! The other stores were struggling though. I was then given specialty projects and would start contributing to the marketing and brand growth strategies to the other stores! I loved this company and loved the promise that I would be growing with them and transitioning to their head office by the end of the year! The following month, as I went to open up the store - the Mall Manager approached me with the news that the whole company filed bankruptcy! What?!?!


I was beyond heartbroken. I told myself I would not go back into retail - I had put too much love and energy into this company. I was really hurt! I got over it quickly!


Timing was sort of right. VIA Rail Canada was hiring University summer students - I was now at Concordia University! Yes, they prioritized "kids" of the Directors within - I got an interview and happily accepted my position in Labour Relations! My Summer was filled with working with actual professionals! Real life business men and women. I inhaled as much knowledge as I could before the Summer came to an end. 

... but when it came for an end for the students... it didn't seem to for me. They asked for me to stay on. With a real career and salary and benefits and .... YES! I worked at VIA Rail! I was one of them now. Apart of the team of professionals. Part of my tasks were to help put together presentations and visual documents for my Boss. I thrived and thoroughly loved this part. I got to be creative. I loved it.

When I turned 23 the Marketing Director offered me an internal position that I couldn't refuse: Marketing & Leisure Events. 

I moved to Toronto! I was so thrilled and on top of the world. I moved in with my Family - Jack Layton... who was (and still is) my biggest influencer and motivator.


#Loving #Hopeful #Optimistic



Story in Progress...