Do what you love full time.

How to build, run, grow, strategize, sustain, love what you do & balance work& life!

If you love what you do you NEVER HAVE TO WORK A DAY IN YOUR LIFE!

I specialize in start up, lifestyle and digital strategy and adore working with Girl Bosses!

Do you look forward to not having to conform to someone else’s rules or to think outside of “their box.” Well, trust me when I say that when you do what you love then there are actually no more boxes!

The sky is not the limit! If you strive for a life that you get to mould, to be your own boss and to
RUN YOUR OWN EMPIRE; a brand new candle company, a holiday blog or a grocery service for the elderly perhaps?!

If you are meant to live in our Girl Boss realm then we need to be friends!!


If you know that you are at that turning point and know that it’s just a matter of determining WHEN you will make your big move and then HOW that is just so SO exciting!You will do wonders! If you know that you were meant to do something more than just waking up to that 7 am alarm clock, just to drag yourself into someone else’s office to accomplish their goals to look forward to a consistent (too low for your worth) pay checks and counting down the days until the weekend or your next vacation… holy moly. You’re not living.


+ You are excited about the idea of doing what you want every single day.

+ You are ready to be extra happy with a new swing in your step and sparkle in your eye!

+ You're ready for people to stop and stare at your energy.

+ You don't need to think "outside of the box" anymore because there is no more box!

+ You are done growing other people's empires.


+ You don't want to battle against the clock to make some "me" or "friend" time.


+ You want to learn how to turn passion into cash-in.

+ You need encouragement but don't want to waste time and money on "90 day programs" or "coaches". 

+ You are a girl boss at heart!


+ You're more than ready to be in love with your life!

+ You are ready to be make the rules and break them!

+ You are excited to be know as an influencer in your category choice or business type!

+ You are ready to follow your dreams!



I specialize in lifestyling. Lifestyling is the practice of INSPIRING and SCULPTING the most fabulous lives based on passion and happiness.

It’s true, most do call me an entrepreneur… and from an outsiders view I totally am. Yes, I do own 3 companies and a blog – ( and YES, you generate income from blogging)… but I would not at all call myself an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are all about the rush and the gamble and they only make decisions out of pure logic and not through love. They also tend to sell these to make a profit in a few years, hand it off and want nothing to do with it. This is great and all… and the “rush” and “logic” are absolute ingredients needed to shape any successful venture… however, if you are a true girl boss, if you want to
LOVE your life and LOVE what you do and confidently stand behind you brand because it is so YOU and you are so proud of it… then you need to shape your new love the right way. 

Finally, the lifestyle of a girl boss is anything but easy, at first. With highs (success) comes lows and it takes a strong MINDSET to adapt to some of the adventures you may have to learn to embark upon: Friendships, Health, Bullying, Strengthening your mind, Healthy Body, Nutrition, Rumours, Legal.... IT CAN BE ENDLESS at FIRST. I can assure you though, like anything else, once you find your sweet spot, you will be UNSTOPPABLE girl.


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